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Backup to get back up quickly!

January 2, 2016, Written by 0 comment

Nothing may be more devastating than a computer crash. One of the The first thing your computer guy may ask is do you have a back up? I know as an IT Service provider when someone contacts me for help with a  computer I can assist much more quickly  when a recent backup of the system information is available. Its actually mandatory to become my client. So what’s a backup. A backup is a duplicate of your computers important information. But, actually backups have expanded to protect phone systems, smartphones, and tablets to name a few. I find the #1 reasons most businesses do not back up their information:

  • They feel nothing will ever happen. Its a computer and computers are (near) perfect right? Just as perfect as the people assembling them far away from you, earning far less to get their attention to the perfection you crave.
  • Unconsciously we undervalue the information on our computers. Reply – Tis quickly changes when your business is breaks the profit ceiling and depends on your computer and data. Yes, thats right. When losing your data means losing plenty of $$$ the sense of urgency changes.

From my expereince I’m certain a large percentages reading this blog do not back up their computer information on a regular basis. I know the work sounds difficult to do, perhaps you have no time, or may not feel comfortable dabbling in the technology. So I’m going to raddle of my favorite hardware, software, sites, and services you can use to come up to speed and feel more comfortable protecting your data. Hardware Software Sites Services Let me know what you think!

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George Wlliams
George Wlliams

George is a longtime IT Consultant and business owner

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