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Break/Fix vs. Managed IT

January 2, 2016, Written by 0 comment

For many who run small businesses, IT support is dealt with in an ad hoc manner. If you’re a manager or business owners it’s tempting to wait until a computer problem arises and then find someone to fix it. There is another option you want to consider. Managed IT Services. Managed IT Services is the corporate response to Here are some of the advantages of Managed IT and why businesses of all sizes are adapting it. Finding problems before they strike The primary advantage of using Managed IT Services is that computer systems are constantly monitored. Small issues are identified and resolved before they become larger costly problems., and fixes can be applied without the computer going down. Those who take advantage of managed IT services can avoid having to wait for an IT person to come by. Furthermore, the cost of fixing the system can be high; by choosing Managed IT services, business owners and managers can reduce the likelihood of having to call in a repair technician. Preventing major problems Computers can accumulate outdated temporary data over time that slow down its processor. Problems caused by viruses and spyware hiding in temporary files, for example, can build up and eventually breakdown expensive systems. By taking advantage of Managed IT Services, it is possible for business owners and managers to avoid the likelihood of computer system interrupt. For those who run expensive servers, this monitoring can save a considerable amount of money. Having an ally who knows the system One of the disadvantages of calling in an IT support expert when systems breakdown is that he or she may not be familiar with your system and may not know how the system functions. Therefore, he or she will have to learn about the system or be informed by someone as to how it operates. Since computer charge by the hour, these costs can add up quickly. In addition, computer technicians may make mistakes due to their ignorance of certain features of the system, which can lead to future problems and even more hours of service charged. Going with a managed IT support team can help business owners and managers avoid this possibility. Gaining peace of mind I you have experienced system or computer problems in the past you know how frustrating it can be. Having a crucial system go down and not knowing how long it will take to fix can cause a considerable amount of anxiety. By going with managed IT services, those who are in charge of a company can rest assured that their company is in competent hands at all times. Running a company is stressful enough, and not having to worry about IT support can be a great relief. Managed IT services come with costs, but most will find that the overall cost of doing business will drop when they can avoid having to call IT experts on a regular basis. Combined with the confidence that managed IT support can offer, even the smallest of businesses should consider hiring a company to take care of their IT needs.   Please share your comments

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George Wlliams
George Wlliams

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