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Creating a technology budget you can live with

January 2, 2016, Written by 0 comment

Anyone who wants to go into or is in business needs a budget. A budget is simply a te hnology plan in number format describing the costs and incomes associated with running a business. With so much reliance on technology a tech budget is a must also. Here are the top technology budgetary costs you will find in business Planning technology retain someone who has suceesfull completed what you want to do. Acquiring to technology, testing it if n3cessary, installztion, training, support, maintenance, go to step 1 in 3510 years. Here are some examples of things you might consider for york technology plan/budget. High speed business class internet service Internal wiring Internal wireless network Comouter for each employee Phone for each employee yiu wouldnt want you employees waste time waiting around or worst yet cl7nets waiting to be serviceD would you? Software every 3 years Internal server Backup software External backup service It support It maintenance service Various cloud services Technology based marketing services Website services Hosting Building Online payment services Voip services Forgot smartphone services And keep in mind a technology roll out can be done in stages. Most business have varioed level of technology. Not all have to be purchased at one time. When purchasing technology focus on that which most positively impact you customers and impacr profitability. If people cznt reach you duet to bad email, phone or website, upgrading this challenged technology should be a priority. If clients and work to be complete are waiting for employees waiting for slow computer to response, determine the problem and budget for its correction as soon as possible. A common pitfall is to¬† avoid a budget if the funding is not available. A little secret, the need doesnt gomaway. Any undercapitalizatiin begins. Insufficient technology can often be worst that none at all. A budget helps you target you financial needs of you business. Giving you important decision making information to set price and may be the difference between profitability and closing your doors. So your budget can be you buddy. So embrace it. Keep it close, consult it often. You take care of it it will take care of you. About OpenChoice IT For more about technology budgeting and a free download of our technology budget template go to   George R. Williams Jr. @OpenChoiceIT @AskGeorgeIT

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George Wlliams
George Wlliams

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