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Little Investment… Little Business

January 2, 2016, Written by 0 comment

How many times have you seen ads, articles, and stories stating “How to start a business with no money or use our “free” service?

Little Investment

I just wanted to set the record straight for at least my sake and get this off my chest. I once heard someone say “there are no free lunches”. As an experienced technology person and business owner I have demo’d many many technologies including “free” technologies. So I grew to understand that free means free to the user, but the company had certain cost of which their investors covered. Even the novice investor expects a return on their investment. Did you know as a small business owner you are an investor? You certainly are! Do you expect a return from your business? primarily in income? So let me ask you a question. Question: What is the return on the investment into your business of a free service with an investment of $0? Think about the question. I’ll wait…. Your answer? My answer: Not much. Many of us attempt to build our businesses on free or low cost technologies and dream to grow a big business (the return) and are disappointed at the slow rate of growth. Here the not so secret secret, to get a return on your investment you have to adequately invest in your business. And yes if your saying “I’ve invested my time, sweat equity etc” you’re right and so have millions of other startup. Its like trying baking a cake with only flour. Investing resources in your business take a combination of various resources and activities including time, money, engaging potential clients, and building relationships. So up your investment and grow your business! @GeeDub

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George Wlliams
George Wlliams

George is a longtime IT Consultant and business owner

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