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Paying the price of Free dumb

January 2, 2016, Written by 0 comment

Alright lets be honest. You’re probably sick of receiving spam from your friends and associates. But, its not their fault. Millions of people are using free email. From AOL to GMail. How can these systems be so easily hacked that they siphon off your valuable contact list. I’ve been an IT people for over two decades and have never seen such adapt technology companies such as AOL, Google, and Microsoft do such a good job at keep their information secure and ours insecure. with the exception of Apple. It doesn’t seem that Apple has gotten hacked yet. But, I often get email from friends and associates that make entirely no sense. Some asking me to click on this only to contract a costly virus. But, it was free right. Well you get what you pay for. Most hosting companies charge less that $10 a month to host both your website and email accounts. Don’t get me wrong someone can still spoof your email address and send out bogus emails. But, I’ve not seen where ISP email systems are hacked on a regular basis and all your contacts and stolen and sent bogus emails. Why cant AOL, Gmail, and MSN get this straight? Maybe, because its free? I don’t make the connection! They do get income from tons of advertisement. I just don’t get the connection. Fill me in. For now, if your a serious small business or better your a small business serious about your business just get a ISP hosted website/email service. Otherwise, drop my email address. I revoke permission for you to have my email address, can I do that? I just what to minimize stupid spam. Plus, ISP and force to authenticate relayed email. Translated, before an ISP sends out your email it requires you to prove / authenticate who you are. This more or us who move to ISP the better. But a friend of mind brought he point home quite clear. She badgered me how im i reaching my target market? Do i even know my target market? And how am i using social media to reach them. My defense, i’m doing the new thing with social media, i’m engaging people openly. Etc etc. But hows that working out she asked. Nothing yet im like a farmer planting and then i harvest. But what kind of harvest. What are you hoping for? How can you have expectations whatbare they based on are you wishing do you have a well or a fountain and a hand full of pennies, have you throw salt over your shoulder for good luck? So she broke me! i had to admit ‘m taking time to get use to social media. Engaging a few thousand seeing what they like im not targeting, but but but i wanna target I’m just now clear on my target market, im now clear im not clear… there there let it out she said. I was a little angry she challenged me and brought the truth out of me. The same truth so many entrepreneur are hiding we use the latest / sometimes free technology only well enough to say we are engaging the market, but but but we are no targeting those specifically in tune to our services are we using hope wish methods without putting in the work? So why doesn’t this level of social media technology allow us to target our market? Because the designers and service itself has removes the capabilities to target market and place them in the paid versions of he service. Yep I think so. So watch for my next article on using technology to target your market.

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George Wlliams
George Wlliams

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