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Top 5 reasons Technology may not be working for your business

January 2, 2016, Written by 0 comment

If you’re a decision maker in a business, start up or organization you may be frustrated when the technology you buy does not work for you. I’ve been providing technology services for nearly two decade and have experienced many sides of this coin.

Here are the Top 5 reasons technology may not be working for your business.

5) Selecting the wrong technology – This is generally what the planning stage is for. There is home technology and business technology. For example, Buying a business computer from a home electronics store may not get you the results you expect. I’ve even experienced business owners trying to use Magic Jack to service their customers. 4) Having No Plan – When operating a business it’s always good to and a technology plan into your business plan. Like every other aspect of business technology has a life cycle. That life cycle can include planning, acquisition, testing, installing, training, support, and upgrade. That’s a mouth full! Yet, when we see, hear or read marketing for a new device it’s sooooo easy! Just buy it, set it and forget it! Yeah right! Do your research and create a plan. 3) Depending on “Free”- I can’t tell you how many ways you can paint your business into a corner by depending on too much free technology. Most free technology systematically ommit the most important features i their free services. Often we invest value time implementing free stuff only to find it only take us so far down the road. Next, there is often limited if any support for free stuff. You will invest much time researching how to set it up. 2) No support or warranty – An important part of technology is getting help when things go wrong. That’s what support and warranties are for. When investing in technology add the costs of these services to your investment. It’s like having a spare tire. You won’t be disappointed. 1) And the top reason boils down to is lack of investment. This is a hot spot for me. SO here’s my soapbox! But, first let me share some excuse I’ve observed. I used the word “observed” because many business owners don’t consciously know they are under-capitalizing their technology investment. They believe they are saving money. “Can’t afford it”, Delay investing in technology and services to that could otherwise increase marketing share, attract new clients, complete work faster. Often when I ask startu p business owners about their technology investment they return a below average answer. But, their investment in Cable TV service is easily at 80% at an average of $200 per month. That’s $2,400 per year someone could invest into their business technology. Anyone can find the money. “It sounds too complicate”, blank stare. Of course it’s complicated! So is your business, find a partner or a consultant. Sidebar – “But, we have website, computers and phones”, from 2001! You should invest/upgrade your business technology every 3 – 5 years. Not all at the same time! You should can roll out your investment over the 3 -5 years. I have a client who has 12 computers and upgrade 3 every year so no one computer is every older that 4 or 5 years. They spend the average of 6% of their gross income on their technology budget. 12 computer, 12 employees, I estimate 100K per employee 1.2 Million dollar business and about 60K per year on technology. Sound about right. Today technology is one of the best business investment to lead your local and regional market. It certainly is needed to lead a global market. Just keep in mind this is a global marketplace. So when you’re doing business in a city like New York, as I am, there’s a whole world of start ups using technology to compete against you. So make technology work for your business. If you like these articles, please share with your social media, make comments, and let me know what subjects you might wish to hear about.

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George Wlliams
George Wlliams

George is a longtime IT Consultant and business owner

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