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What to do with too much information

January 2, 2016, Written by 0 comment

Do you have a lot of computer information that you are not using? Yet, something tells you don’t delete it? You never know… You never know what? Today people are hoarding more data and information than ever. The cloud is perfect for this. But, its sought of like a public storage unit for your information. Realistically¬† cloud provider are just not going to protect your information the way you will. There are¬†security issues. Ocassionally you can’t gain access to your information when you want or as fast as you wish. Additionally, your may be stuck with a handfull of old computers with information stuck on them, or usb thumb drives, DVDs, and external drives all containing information.download11 Have I painted a pretty accurate picture yet? I’m getting to a point. I’ve learned that the old way of choosing one method to store and backup your information just won’t due today. A couple of years ago, I found a great solution. FreeNAS. A NAS is a network attached storage that can easily be extended to and accessed from the internet. A NAS provides all this connectivity to your information and data you will probably ever need. It starts by combining several hard drives to work together to protect your information. It invisbly (to you and I) spreads you information out over multiple hard drives so should one or two hard drives goes bad you won’t lose any information. Its like creating one big hard drive. So when you use 4 x 1 TB drive you will get close to 4 TB of storage. A portion of the drive space is used internally to protect your information. So you will lose about 30% of your space to protect 100% of your information. No a bad trade off. So what I did was copy all of my important information off my old bet up laptops and hard drive to my NAS and trashed the laptops and hard drive. Touch down. Now I could walk around my home office and have wireless access to my historical information. Once running The NAS didn’t need a keyboard, mouse, and screen. I went over two year with it humming in the basement corner just needing a dusting off. And oh did I mention it sends me email alerts if there’s a problem? Sweet! Recently, I got an email alert that did say a drive was bad. Ugh!!!!!!! False alarm! I followed the instructions to remove the old drive add a new one run a command to replace the drive. The NAS did the rest. All while my information remained accessible. I did not lose one byte. Now I’m planning to setup a smaller NAS at a client’s location. My NAS will replicate all my information to the new NAS giving my business further backup and my client’s NAS will replicate its information to my NAS. FreeNAS is open source and there is no monetary cost for the software. However, there is an investment for the expertise to set it up. The equivalent setup from Dell would be about $8,000.00. I put it together for about $500.00. You can learn more at or setup a chat with me. I would love to show it off and explain this hot technology. @GeeDub

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George Wlliams
George Wlliams

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