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Why a growing number of Small Businesses have moved to Remote and Cloud Services?

January 2, 2016, Written by 0 comment

In the last few years, Remote and Cloud services have become extremely popular. There are many major corporations who still do not realize the numerous benefits offered by Cloud based systems. However, small businesses have understood its importance, and realize that Cloud based systems are a blessing in disguise.

Due to the numerous benefits offered by Cloud computing, many small business organizations have adopted the technology. These companies use Cloud computing in various areas, including customer relationship management, accounting and billing, human capital management and more.

With Cloud computing, you can cut costs, and even access your data in times of emergencies, such as hazards, accidents and computer crashes. Most importantly, you don’t need to invest in infrastructure and and upgrades. Everything is handled by the service provider. This can be beneficial for small businesses with low capital investment. Here are some reasons why small businesses should use Remote and Cloud services.

Customer Satisfaction – In competitive times, every customer looks for new and innovative offerings from small businesses. If you don’t focus on Cloud computing, it can be difficult to offer the best products and services to customers. You need Cloud computing not only to excel, but to stay relevant and survive.

Lead the competition – Small businesses understand that Cloud computing is here to stay. In fact, every business should be familiar with Remote and Cloud services. Whether your considered a major corporation or small business organization, you can’t overlook the importance of cloud based systems.

Change Your Revenue Stream – Cloud computing allows small businesses to change their revenue stream. With these systems, you can easily attract more customers. Moreover, you can even manage existing customers in a much better way. Better yet, savoy small businesses have adapted online billing for their customers convenience while increasing  revenue and minimizing the cost of handling payments.

Integrated Services – When you’re using on-premise software, you have limited ability to offer integrated services to customers. Your business is often limited to providing services from the office. Without integrated websites, online services and other offerings, it’s not possible to grow and develop your business without being in the office.

Lower Cost – As mentioned earlier, Cloud computing does not require a lot of on-premise technology or peripherals. Thus, you don’t have to incur any implementation or operational cost. You just have to get a subscription with a service provider and make monthly fixed payments. You can choose a customized package to pay for only what you need. You don’t even have to pay for installing or upgrading any systems. Plus the service provider is responsible for all the maintenance. It’s like leasing a car.

Small business organizations have realized that Remote and Cloud services are more than a passing trend. These services provide a small business with numerous opportunities to expand and reach more customers.

Question of the week –

Which software and services would you consider moving from your business to the cloud to attract more customers?

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